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Conditions We Treat

What conditions does the Doctor of Chiropractic treat?

Common conditions and complaints often treated by chiropractors include:
•    Headaches
•    Muscle spasms
•    Neuralgia
•    Rib and chest pain
•    Sciatica
•    Most disc disorders
•    Numbness
•    Low back pain
•    Tendon pain
•    Scoliosis
•    Shoulder, neck and arm pain
•    Some stress disorders
•    Some asthma and allergy disorders

In addition, chiropractors also treat ankles, knees, wrists and elbows, addressing conditions such as:
•    Ankle sprains
•    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
•    Tennis Elbow
•    Jumper’s Knee
•    Rotator cuff injuries
•    Cranial dysfunction
•    TMJ
Since adjustments normalize nerve function, chiropractors may give care simply to enhance overall health.

What can a patient expect?

A chiropractic physician will:
•    Take a health history
•    Conduct a thorough physical examination to determine and evaluate conditions that are appropriate for chiropractic care.
•    Ensure that the patient understands the type of care to be administered and what results to expect.
•    Provide clear understanding of financial arrangements.
•    Keep current, detailed, and complete records of the patient’s history, examination, and ongoing treatments.
•    Provide ongoing evaluations of treatment including both efficacy and projected duration consistent with the patient’s stated goals.
•    Refer a patient to a suitable health care provider for conditions that require co-management or are not otherwise amendable for chiropractic care alone.
•    Perform appropriate, ethical care delivered in confidence, with respect for privacy and dignity.
•    Observe and comply with all applicable HIPAA regulations.